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Where and how it all started

How did we come to even think of this problem you ask? My sister (Gracelove) and I were driving down the busy market street in Madina, Accra and as usual there were the Kayayoo with their heavy loads and their babies on their backs; working as hard as ever. For the rest of the drive, our conversation somehow turned to focus on those kids and how for many hours in a day, they miss the chance to “just be kids”. We agreed that if we could do something sustainable to give-back and help society, it would be to help the Kayayoo give her baby the childhood that every child deserves… 

Fast forward 8 months, and this notice went out: That’s when our journey began. 

Again fast forward another 6 months; a change of team, a needs assessment, and one missed application deadline later…

In March of 2016, the current team (Nana Ama, Samuel, and Fauziya) submitted our application to the Ford Children’s Fund to receive a funding of $6994.74 to test our solution concept to provide early childhood development for infants of Kayayei.

Thanks to the Ford Foundation and thank you Ashesi for making it possible to take the first step!