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Meet the Team

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Founder & Director

Rose Dodd

These kids are not yet street kids. Let’s keep it that way, let’s set them on a path to become more than their limited beginning. My time and effort spent on working on this team is some of the best spent time of my life.

I believe the development of the children of Kayayei in Ghana is an issue that has been neglected. That inasmuch as many initiatives have been created to support these women, their children are often forgotten and left out.

Early childhood Director & Center Manager

Evelyn Kwofie

Children can learn and succeed given the right environment regardless of their background. Our goal at KCC is to provide the best possible start with opportunities for Kayayo children to reach their full potential in all areas of learning.

My passion is to create and provide an environment and programs in which each child will flourish and grow through early stages of development.  My purpose and calling is to love each little one in my care with the love of our Father while ensuring and advocating for a safe and comfortable environment to learn, play and grow.

Our Care Givers

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Early Childhood Caregiver


Early Childhood Caregiver

Ama Assiem

Meals and Center Hygiene


Early Childhood Caregiver

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Board Members

Andrew Akoto

Adinor Puplampu

Teni Agana

Nana A. Y. Twum-Danso