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Photography Use Policy
The Kayayoo are considered a vulnerable group in society, and so are children. True to our value of respect, we do not take lightly our access to children for photography be it moving picture or still. We are taking every necessary step to protect the rights of the child and mother where it comes to the use of their image in any kind of publication being it printed or digital. For the purposes of this Policy, the word “photograph” includes any kind of still or moving image with or without sound and whether stored/transmitted electronically or as hard copy. This policy applies to the use of photographs in school publicity printed materials including yearbook, newsletters, and flyers, on digital media including school website, school social media feeds and school YouTube channel, and in the press. Kaya ChildCare welcomes positive publicity. Children’s photographs add color, life, and interest to photographs of the school activities and initiatives. Making use of photographs in school publicity materials can increase pupil motivation and staff morale and help parents and the local community identify and celebrate the school’s achievements. Kaya ChildCare adopts the following guidelines when using, or approving the use of photographs of children in school publicity materials, external media platforms, including use of images or names on the school website, newsletters, displays:
Guidelines for taking photographs
  • Staff are permitted to take photographs to support educational aims e.g., for classroom displays or projects
  • Photographs should be stored securely and used only by those authorized to do so
  • Staff should ensure that image files are appropriately named and will not use students’ names in image file names
  • When taking photographs teachers should ensure that the students are appropriately dressed and are not participating in activities that might bring the individual or the school into disrepute
  • Digital photographs should not be manipulated or amended, for example, using a “cut & paste” facility. However, it is acceptable to crop an image.

Guidelines for taking photographs at school events

  • It is up to school management to decide if they are to allow videos or photographs to be taken by parents during school events such as Graduation or Award Ceremonies.
  • Mothers are not required to comply with this Data Protection Act when taking photographs of their children, for their own private use, at an organized event.
  • Images taken at our center of volunteers of visitors may be used for our publications unless otherwise requested by the visitors or volunteers.

Guidelines for publishing photographs

  • Parents may at any time withdraw their consent/ non-consent for the use of pupil images and digital recordings in school publicity printed materials, on the digital media and in the press. Any such request must be shared with the center manager.
  • Photographs of pupils or staff should not be published on the school website after they leave the school, without their consent.
  • Except for the yearbook, no other publication will use personal details (including the name) of any child or adult in a photograph in association with the photograph (including in the accompanying text or the photograph caption) without explicit permission from the mother or guardian. The child’s name and grade will be stated in the school yearbook.
  • Where photographs are taken at an event attended by a large crowd e.g., during graduation, quarterly mother’s meeting, or health screening exercise, this is regarded as a public area, so it is not necessary to get the permission of everyone in a crowd shot before publishing the image on the school website.
  • If mother or guardian have any concerns about inappropriate or intrusive photography at a
    school event, they should report their concerns to the center manager (or to a staff member if the manager is not present).
  • If a mother or guardian, wishes to have a photograph removed from the school website, prospectus etc. at any time, they should contact the center manager or any staff member.

External use of photography

Visitors, volunteers, guests to the center may take photographs with permission, and must obtain a photo or video release form from Kaya ChildCare to use said photography in any public publication or publicity. When a press image has been captured on our premises or at an event organized by Kaya ChildCare, and used without the consent of Kaya ChildCare, we reserve the right to bring legal charges again the publisher of the image on behalf of the mother or guardian.

Withdrawal of parental consent

Kaya ChildCare respects the right of our mothers and guardians to withhold consent from their child’s / children’s photographs being used in school publicity materials. Should parents not want their child’s / children’s photographs used in the way described in this policy, and as discussed with them at the time of enrollment they should contact the center manager to request for a “Withhold of Permission to Photograph”. Otherwise, it will be understood that the policy continues to hold for all children enrolled. A class record of parental non-consent will be supplied to all class teachers.

Last updated: February 2021