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Exploring New Innovations

In collaboration with a grant organization, Kaya ChildCare is currently testing new ways to engage the mothers and other Kayayoo in the design of childcare solutions for their children, while teaching them new skills for possible job creation. We hope lessons from this pilot will provide an opportunity for expansion of our ECD content box innovation to 1000s of urban poor kids across Ghana and Africa to be better prepared for school.

The Early Childhood Content Box Project (CBP) pilots learning through play offered through a child’s independent engagement with play and learning materials; without technology. It brings the tools for early childhood education to the poorest in society in a flexible, inclusive, and sustainable manner. It will ensure the 2 to 6-year-old does not miss out on proper and timely development because her guardian is busy caught up in the hardships of urban poverty. They will get the chance to develop the foundation to be successful later in primary school and beyond. We hope to ultimately raise awareness of the need for deliberate focus on customized interventions for people who live in the informal poor communities (slums) in Ghana.

Send us an email to learn more hello@kayachildcare.org.